1. Gardeners’ Duties -  helping with :

Worm Farms … producing “worm juice”;

Keeping pathways on both sides of a plot free of weeds;

Composting … soil enrichment process;

Chooks … for eggs & compost material;

Growing Herbs .

Caring for individual family plots … regular housekeeping tasks esp. on working bee days.

Caring For Tools … sharpening, oiling, etc

2. Excursions /Working Bees / Barbecues … check on our CALENDAR

3. Bees … are no longer on the site, sadly.

4. Get to know other people … share ideas.

5. Any members of the public are invited to come to the MSC Gardens to see our home base … any day of the week 24 -7.

6. Fresh ideas  are always welcome … we need new members to enable this.

7. We believe that our “site”, together with the other features of the BLACKBUTT RESERVE, are tourist attractions.  What was at first established by the NCC in 1999, has been maintained and improved by the founding and new-member gardeners.  As the caretakers of this beautiful place we are striving to ensure that it survives and continues to meet the needs of the community.

8. To enable our group to exist financially, we have decided to levy each plot @ $15.00 per  annum.  Our capable treasurer issues receipts upon payment … the payment being due by the end of June, each year.  Once we depended on the monies raised in selling seedlings and plants produced by our stalwart  group of propagators … a small but keen group of ladies.  Now, to enable us to buy necessities,  the levy system had to be introduced. 

9. Our coordinator has organized the completion of stage 1 of our necessary amenities.  Well done, Gwen.  There is still more to be done.   

10. Feel free to join us.  Help us to grow.  You may be able to assist us with your knowledge and experience.

11. 2019 will see more signs of upgrading and maintenance of  the site.

12. We need new membersthere are some spare plots.  Our operation is especially suitable for people who live in a block of units, apartments or flats.  IF INTERESTED, DON’T HESITATE TO  CONTACT OUR COORDINATOR.  OR, equally as good, come along on a Friday morning.  You will be most welcome.