About Us

           The March Street Community Gardens Group (MSCGG) came into existence following the Newcastle City Council (NCC) adopting a Community Gardens Program in 1999.  In June, 2000, the NCC published  ‘Community Gardens’, a booklet which was the official guide to the community greening volunteer training program, and it was expected that all community garden groups use it.

           Now, the MSCGG has its own charter, which spells out its mission statement , aims and objectives.  In addition, the MSCGG has a set of rules which it expects its members to abide by, following their induction. 

             The MSCGG  is an autonomous group of people who have been permitted by the NCC to make use of a designated area of land and materials in the March Street Reserve.  Members of the group … apart from making use of an allotted plot … take part in a variety of activities.  Some of  the activities are: worm farms; chooks; herbs; compost making; fruit trees; plant sales; bus trips to various places of interest, e.g. botanical gardens,  other community gardens,  members’ gardens; listening to invited speakers who tell of their hobby or skill, e.g. growing orchids, etc.

             Friday is the most popular day for retirees, who arrive at around 09:00 to garden , and then participate in  the “Happy Hour”, which commences at 10:00. This is the time for  a cup or tea or coffee … with biscuits or cake …  swapping news, and telling of things of interest with friends.  The first and third Fridays of each  month are usually WORKING-BEE DAYS.  If things go to plan, the working-bees are sometimes followed by a barbecue lunchbut usually, morning tea.

           Members are able to tend their gardens at a time which is convenient to them any day of the week.